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Coronavirus Impacts Sports Everywhere

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, sports across the United States and around the world have been either postponed or canceled completely. Some of these sports include the NBA basketball season, the College World Series, and even area high schools' entire spring season. That means that soccer, tennis, track, and baseball

High School Sports Affected by Coronavirus

As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) quickly spreads across the globe, countries are taking action. These countries are warning people of the dangers of the virus and are asking people to self-quarantine to limit the spread of the virus. Also, to help limit the spread of COVID-19, businesses are starting to shut down

A New Era of Dance

As the winter sports season is nearing, the dance and cheer teams are preparing for their competition season. The cheer team competed for the first time as a team last year and it was filled with success. They were awarded first place at the Skyhawk Invitational in the "Game Day"