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Spirit Of Mercy Winners- 12/9/19

Anna Buck for her compassion and genuine concern for everyone, but particularly towards one of her Little Sisters this morning.  Sophie Harvat for Student Council leadership working with Roz for Christmas at Mercy. Kateri Pantoja for her positive spirit.  Madeline Riesberg for leadership in class. Dani Stolze and Lily Dang for their spirited Happy

Spirit of Mercy Winners- 11/18/19

Sam Burns does so much to help and is just an all-around great girl. Cate Kelly gave cookies as a thank you for all the college help.  Sierra Mann and Summer Mann – Both girls volunteered, without being asked, to stay after the completion of the Food Sale to help with clean-up. Megan

Week of November 11th

Several girls received the Spirit of Mercy Award this past week, November 11th through November 15th. Anou Akot and Cate Kelly are being recognized for their consistent citizenship and effort, Sabori Cervantes went above and beyond to show kindness and concern towards a fellow show choir member, Claire Harper helped

Spirit of Mercy Winner- 11/4/19

Jenny Beccera, Lolah-Belle Bunche, Carly Evans, Grace Gonka, Kelsey Hudecek, Nevaeh Johnson, Amy Marquez, Adriana Rangel, Eleanore Slavik, Simone Wilson, Molly Vankat, Abby Verkuilen, Gabby Zuerlein, and Student Council. Jenny Beccera for excellent effort in class and her help teaching others. Lolah-Belle Bunche – Lolah-Belle saw that Mrs. Miller had her hands full and waited at the bottom

Week of October 16th

We are proud to announce the week of October 16th’s Spirit of Mercy Awards! Fia Cohen showed extraordinary kindness to a classmate, Summer Mann happily worked at St. Bernard’s night to answer questions about Mercy, and Sylvie Rhys used her study hall to help a fellow student with a paper.

Spirit of Mercy Awards Winners

Each week a few students are awarded the Spirit of Mercy Award for random acts of kindness. This weeks winners are... Lexi Rains for helping her classmate Kate Tietjen, Jordan Fett, Mayela Hernandez, Emily Erlbacher—for their leadership of Student Council and helping to transition the new members. Cate Kelly – Junior – Organizing and

Spirit of Mercy Award Winners

Anou Akot, Anna Buck, Sam Burns, Clare Coniglio, Emma Elsasser, Bella Goaley, Melanie Hernandez, Ellie Houghtaling, Susie Huggins, Carolyn Klein, Carlee Lee, Rena Lee, Jade Martinez, Katalina Petak, Laura Sullivan Kate Tietjen,Makayla Townsend Makayla Townsend and Rena Lee for being a speaker at Info Night Kate Tietjen for helping freshmen consider running for student council Anna Buck

Spirit of Mercy Award Winners

Sabori Cervantes, Erin Epp, Jordan Fett, Sophie Harvat, Mayela Hernandez, Arlene Navarro, Audra Pflug, Kate Tietjen Sabori Cervantes Mayela Hernandez, Kate Tietjen, Jordan Fett, Sophie Harvat, and Erin Epp for their extra efforts during Mission Week. Audra Pflug for looking out for a younger student Arlene Navarro for cleaning up another student’s mess in

Spirit Award Winners

Ashley Bishop, Zoe Chaloupka, Clare Euteneuer, Grace Gonka, Mayela Hernandez, Clare Jandarin, Rena Lee, Amy Marquez, Meghan Munchrath, Arlene Navarro, Alex Reed, Hope Simpson, Annie Vana, Elizabeth Walsh and Sadie Weiner Mayela Hernandez—jumped in to help two students with their math project during study hall Ashley Bishop, Zoe Chaloupka, Clare Euteneuer, Grace Gonka, Clare Jandarin,