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DJ’s Hero Luncheon – Thursday Photo

On Tuesday, May 7th, seven Mercy High School juniors were invited to attend the DJ’s Hero Luncheon. At this unique event, sixteen high school seniors from across the state of Nebraska were awarded the DJ’s Hero Scholarship. The sixteen scholarship winners were presented with a precious plaque and honored for

Photo of the Week!

Photo Title: Divinity On Thursday (4/4), Mercy students spent time in Eucharistic Adoration during their theology classes. Candles were used to illuminate the chapel because Mercy High School was taking a break from technology and electricity.

Easter Spirit! – Thursday Photo

After an exhausting day of hunting Easter eggs and rummaging through all of the goodies the Easter bunny brought, it was time for a relaxing break. In this photo, my two brothers, three cousins, and I are gathered at the table and enjoying a sweet treat! The bag of Easter