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Musical Update

Almost three weeks ago the cast and crew of our spring musical Chicago finished our last rehearsal before spring break. We received our marching orders from director Josh vonKampen to have all of our lines memorized before we came back from break and walked out of Franey Hall listening to

Fine Arts Shutdown

The Coronavirus has swept through the nation and caused the closings of schools and other businesses. This has affected the fine arts as well. Since there is now a rule in place of no more than ten people in one space, excluding grocery stores, the venues of the fine arts

Celtic Journey : Magic of the Emerald Isle

On Sunday, March 8th, my parents invited me to go see Celtic Journey with them. I wasn’t sure what that was except it would have Irish music. It had that, and much more. It had the magic of Omaha and Ireland. The Symphony At the beginning, it started with some beautiful music.

A Bronx Tale

Sometimes, the best things in life are unexpected. When I walked into the Orpheum a couple of weeks ago to see the musical A Bronx Tale, I was excited. I went into the theater blind, not knowing anything about the show or having listened to any of the music. This

A Weekend of Big Wins

This weekend the Mercy Monarchs had big competitions leading to some big wins. On Sunday January 12, the Treblemakers competed in the Titan Classic Show Choir Competition. This is one of the biggest competitions of the year and they won third place in the women’s division. Felicia Plasek, a member of

Mercy Announces New Musical

Mercy’s theatre department will soon be taking on production of the musical Chicago.  Mr. von Kampen is set to direct this fun show in the spring. Auditions were held on January 13 and 14 and Performance dates are April 17-19. April 17th-19th Chicago, the high school version, is based on the Broadway

Poet’s Corner

There are many ways for one to express oneself through words. Writing, singing, speeches... but one of the most raw and artistic forms is through poetry.   Poetry is a form of literary work where emotions are expressed with rhyme or rhythm.  There are also many types of poetry such as