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Girl Power on Stage

It has been quite an eventful week for the Mercy theatre community!  Not only did our girls put on an outstanding show covering the London blitz in World War II, but Mr. von Kampen announced the Spring musical: ”Chicago!” Excitement is filling the halls this week with this news.  Although I

Get FRONT Row Seats to FRONT!

It’s a new year for Mercy High School, which means new year for Mercy Theater. Mr. von Kampen, the head of our Theater Department, announced the upcoming fall play in early August.  This year the show is called “Front” by Robert Caisley. It is a serious drama that tells the story

Summer Plans

Many students make plans during the last months of school for summer. Usually the plans end up being a bust, or just not happening at all. Summer pool parties become sleepovers with one or two friends. Road trips turn into you staying home on your phone being bored. So here