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Bee Yourself

Mercy has many interesting and unique students. On January 11, one of these students, Bee Hampton, sat down for an interview. Take a look inside Mercy High School and join this exclusive interview with a bright young freshman student. Hampton, like all of Mercy’s students, is unique. She enjoys a variety

Monarch Magic

Buzz! The sound of the timer ending the game resulted in a victory for the Monarchs. The rivalry between Mercy and Gross was challenged at the January 12th basketball game. Mercy was victorious last year at Pack the House and wanted to win again. Mercy students showed up to support

A Future Author

Emily is also in Show Choir! Mercy High School has a variety of personalities throughout the school, but no one is ever quite like Emily Kwapnioski. She is very interested in being an author as well as a possible journalist and is also a huge bookworm. She loves fictional literature in

Getting Involved at Mercy

At Mercy High School all students are strongly encouraged to be involved in school activities, sports, or clubs. Studies have shown that being involved reduces risks of depression and helps develop social skills, confidence and community. Mercy High School is one of many schools that encourages students to do so,

The Importance of Being Involved

Meet Rae Barton, a member of the Student Council here at Mercy High School. Rae is one of the freshman representatives and loves being able to be involved at Mercy. “I love being involved and conducting all sorts of activities at Mercy, as well as helping to make big decisions


Five books at one time? Sounds impossible, but it can be done by Katie Hill. The Mercy Freshman can read five books at one time and be able to tell the plots of all five. This skill started blooming from when Katie was in third grade when she challenged herself

A Collector at Mercy

Mercy is full of many unique and wonderful students, all with different hobbies and interests. One example would be Mercy’s very own, Zsa Zsa Gomez. Zsa Zsa is a proud freshman and was willing to sit down and answer a few questions. When asked why she chose to go to mercy,

Teacher Spotlight

Mercy is blessed with so many teachers and faculty who work daily to create a safe and fun learning environment for girls around Omaha. They work tirelessly, even from home, to ensure we are growing intellectually and spiritually. Today, the spotlight is on one specific teacher who has been with

A New Experience for All

While I have been at Mercy for two years now, I haven’t fully experienced everything Mercy has to offer. My freshman year was everything but normal. I knew half of my classmates only through a screen, and with social distancing, getting to know the others was made more difficult. The