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Welcome Day Prayer Service 2019

To start out our Mercy High School Welcome Day of fun we had a prayer service. We gathered in the Chapel so we could center ourselves on God.  A quote by Pope Francis went along with our very special welcoming day. Katie Geist, senior, spoke to the student body about her experience visiting


Pro-Life club bought over 30 movie tickets for Mercy students and parents to see the movie Unplanned last Wednesday. The students who went to go see the movie Unplanned Unplanned is the life story of Abby Johnson who had a boyfriend in college who was 10 years older than she was. She

Sacrificing for Others

During this Lenten season, we sacrifice more than chocolate. We also sacrifice our money to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. The money we raise from Mission Week is going toward Syrian refugees in Lebanon for basic necessities. “It is important to give back to the community,” as Junior