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When are Parents the Referees?

In some instances the difference between a parent and a referee is very scarce.A tip for pointing out a difference would be the location of the person. Most of the time the only people on the field or court would be the players and referee, even though we think only

The Clothes Spin

As I go through my junior year of high school, all I hear about is college. Where am I going to college? What am I going to major in? But to me, what I’m most worried about is how I am going to survive without my parents. As my mom

Dunkin Theft

One thing that really gets my blood boiling is when someone steals my food. It really gets me furious. I just want to sit down and enjoy my food without having to guard it with my life. I don’t mind sharing but when people snatch my food without my consent

Juice Stop: Should I go?

The incredible refreshing product could make you question how healthy it really is. Juice Stop is a small local business that sells smoothies of all flavors. The amount of options can seem overwhelming, but employees are happy to help you make that hard decision. No matter your flavor prefrence, they

Lighthouse Lighting the Way.

Lighthouse Pizza is a one of a kind restaurant thanks to their nine inch slices of pizza. A nine inch slice of pizza may seem impractical but from the many times I’ve eaten there I’ve never thought it was too much. If you eat there you’ll probably have leftovers but

Mercy Fashion

Most people know what I am talking about when I say teenage girls are addicted to scrunchies and fanny packs. But do you really know why? Is it a fashion statement? Is it useful? What are people’s point of views of these items? Scrunchies: Supposedly bigger ponytails but do you really

Take Control of Your Schedule

My accordion folder labeled with each class As the 21st century throws information and tasks at us, we need time to catch up, schedule, and follow through with what we need to get accomplished. The best way to get stuff done and to reach goals is through motivation and organization. Especially

Suspense That Kills!

A Quiet Place is a wonderfully put together movie that was so suspenseful and it had me on the edge on my seat. A Quiet Place is a movie much like Bird Box. In order to survive, you must be able to stop doing something you are used to doing. You

The One With All the Reviews

The 90s gave us some great shows. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boy Meets World, Dawson’s Creek, and Home Improvement just to name a few. But by far the most popular would be Friends.  Everyone knows something about friends. Whether it be the catchy theme song with the famous line

Is Qdoba Worth Your Dough?

Qdoba is a restaurant known for its fast food and tex mex cuisine. Just how good is Qdoba? Walking in everything was clean and tidy. There were two people in front of me in line, and it took less than ten minutes to get my food. I ordered a rice