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Spring Clean-Up

Now that winter is officially over and spring has begun, it’s time to clean up. Whether it is trash in your yard or garbage in your neighborhood, we need to work together to make our city clean. Some garbage is dangerous to animals. Trash we loaded to get rid of. They

Summer Plans

Many students make plans during the last months of school for summer. Usually the plans end up being a bust, or just not happening at all. Summer pool parties become sleepovers with one or two friends. Road trips turn into you staying home on your phone being bored. So here

Finishing the Year Strong

The school year is coming to an end-- we are already in the fourth quarter and past progress reports. Our last day is May 23rd, which is a Thursday. Many girls most likely have a countdown of their own, but for the ones who don’t, we have exactly twenty six

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Morgan Wright My sister, Lauren Wright may be younger than me, but she does not fail to inspire me day after day.  Ever since I could talk, I had been asking my mom and dad for a brother or sister. In October of 2005, God answered my prayers and gifted me with

Do You Need a Date for Prom?

As everyone prepares for prom, many girls are scrambling to find dates. But the question is, are dates really needed? I mean, sure, it might be nice, but why do girls want a date so badly? What’s wrong with going with a group of friends? prom ticket Girls sometimes feel pressured to

Bone Appetite!

Dog owners everywhere would agree that dogs deserve the world. They can always brighten one’s day no matter what. Not all dogs are lucky enough to have a loving home but that could change. The Nebraska Humane Society works hard to help every animal find a place to call home, so

Spring Positivity

Spring is here! Getting out of the house is a little easier and more enjoyable. Some people think spring is the best season of them all, so they justified their decision. Ms. Blessie, a teacher at Mercy High School, said “I love how two weeks ago it was freezing, and all

The Hate U Give Review

The Hate U Give   Review by Morgan Wright The Hate U Give is an amazing story written by Angie Thomas. The main character, Starr, is living in what feels to be two completely different worlds.  Starr lives in Garden Heights, which is considered to be the more “ghetto” part of town. She

Dropping New Year’s Resolutions

New Years is a time filled with different traditions, from watching the ball drop to kissing your family and pets at midnight so they supposedly stay another year (just for good measure). But one helpful tradition is making a New Years Resolution. New Years is viewed as a restart button,

Getting Inspired

Feeling inspired is a great feeling. There are so many thoughts running through someone’s brain yet they feel calm. Inspiring others is also an amazing feeling. Here are some ways to get inspired or inspire others. • Set aside time for yourself. Setting aside some time to relax and take care