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New Valentine’s Look

Valentine’s Day this year might look a little different because the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you have a date or not, this day can still be fun and relaxing. However, your plans may have to change a little during this pandemic. If you do have a date, we have some ideas for

The Future of Snow Days

COVID-19 has changed many things about our school days, not the least of which has been snow days. It is not unusual for Nebraska to have bitterly cold and snowy winters, ensuring that the students of Nebraska get a couple snow days a year. However, with the advent of online learning,

How We Are Getting Through Covid

There are many challenges that people face every day, but a new challenge that everyone faces today is Covid-19. The pandemic has stopped everyone from doing what they do almost every day. This is a new “normal” for us, which we still haven’t gotten used to and maybe never will. At

What’s New?

by: Rita Leuck Mercy High school has been open since 1945 and over the years the building has needed help. These updates have made more room for students and teachers to work together. Several rooms have been redone and rooms have been added. For instance the chemistry classroom has been redone,

Education at Mercy in the Covid Era

This year has brought many challenges, not the least of which being how to stay safe during Covid while also providing a good education for students. The question of what to do about Covid in school is one that has plagued school officials since the beginning of the pandemic. Like schools

“Zooming” Through the Year

The halls at Mercy look a little different this year. Of course, only being able to see eyes above a mask is one of the “new normals”. Mercy is one of the only schools in Omaha to continue a hybrid schedule all through first semester. Despite other schools sending students

A Walk Through Mercy

As we all know, this school has been anything but normal. Since last March, students, teachers, and families have all been feeling the effects of the pandemic. At Mercy, there is a community and sisterhood that always makes the halls feel a little less empty. All of our teachers and

The Faculty Retreat

By Jane Hearn and Clare Coniglio Every year, sometime after Christmas, Mercy students are given a day off. A day, we’re told, for the faculty retreat. Besides the obvious of a day off what is the faculty retreat and what do the teachers do at it? This is a question that many

Washington DC Chaos

Trump supporters vs Police Officers

When Joe Biden won the election over Donald Trump in November it caused a lot of controversy. A lot of people were happy, but many Trump supporters were mad. On January 6,  pro-Trump supporters protested and vandalized the Capitol Building in Washington DC, then later stormed into the Capitol by

Community During COVID

COVID-19 has challenged students but has also tested the faculty of Mercy High School in a number of ways. 2020 was a year to remember in schools across the nation. Students were required to empty their lockers, attend class online, and social distance from everyone. Masks on faces became a