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Finally Having a Clue About Prom

Prom is something that every person looks forward to growing up. The dresses, the makeup, the hair. I mean, what’s not to love about it? On Saturday April 23, 2022 I went to my very first prom. While hearing things from the seniors, who’ve already had one, I didn’t have a

National Competitors

I stepped up to the stage with two of my teammates. We stood in front of hundreds of other students from all across the state as the announcer began calling our places. In eighth place… seventh… sixth… fifth… fourth… third place… Mercy High School, Lindsey Wessling, Princess McElroy, and Macy

Pumped for Prom

As prom approaches, the Monarchs are fluttering with excitement. All you can hear in the always is ”Which dress do you like better?” or ”Which nails should I get?”. Prom is being held on April 23rd and the anticipation for it continues to build. For the juniors, this is their very

Monarchs On a Journey

Just past the front doors to Mercy High School, there is a large wooden cross with multi-color footprints on it. Each footprint has a different number on it; the numbers each represent miles, but what are these miles for? Before the season of Lent, Campus Minister Ashley Miller sent an email

College Visit Tips

Last week I had the opportunity to tour two of my top colleges: Southern Utah University and California State University - Long Beach. Visiting the campuses provided me with the knowledge and insight I needed to make my college decision. Choosing the right college is a big decision, so I

Life is Better on the Court

Mercy’s tennis team had a dominating win over South Sioux City on Monday, April 4. After rain storms cancelled and postponed several matches, the Monarchs were eager to return to Churchich Park. Thankfully, the weather cooperated, making the match a pleasant experience for all of the spectators. Additionally, the absence

The Monarchs Are On Pointe

On Monday March 28th and Wednesday March 30th, Mercy High School held our dance team tryout clinics. The number of girls that arrived at clinics consisted of 11 girls of all grades. At Monday’s clinics they all got into one big group and learned basics, such as the kickline, expectations, and

De-Stress For THE Test!

Not every Monarch is ecstatic about "hammering the grammar". Most students dread the ACT and the Kaleidoscope preparations for the weeks leading up to the test. Each Monday Kaleidoscope arms our juniors with the tools to maximize their ACT scores and minimizing college debt. Unfortunately, the magnitude of the test

2022 Collegiate Volleyball Challenge

On April 2nd, The Volleyball Academy held the 4th annual 2022 Collegiate Volleyball Challenge. Schools such as Morningside, Bellevue University, Creighton, UNO, UNK, Concordia and K-State were in attendance. Teams played against each other in friendly matches and had support from fans surrounding them. River City Jrs. Volleyball hosted the teams.