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2020 Summer Olympics Postponed

A couple of weeks ago, the sports world was devastated when the last hope of athletic events in the summer was canceled. The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics have been officially postponed until the summer of 2021. After careful consideration, the International Olympic Committee president, Thomas Bach, and Japanese Prime Minister,

What To Do?

Covid-19 has caused many closings throughout Nebraska including restaurants, stores, and church services. Even though this horrible sickness has closed many things including our school, there are other ways we can still access activities. For example, instead of going into a restaurant you can order from Grub Hub and they


A couple of weeks ago Broadway actress Laura Benanti posted a video encouraging students who didn’t get a chance to perform their spring musicals for an audience to post a video of them singing their songs on Twitter. She said, "I know for me, my high school musical was a lifesaver.

A Lost Season

Because of coronavirus, many athletes across the United States have lost their spring season. Spring is one of the biggest seasons because of popular sports like baseball and soccer. The sports we often don’t praise as much are track and field, tennis, and lacrosse. Many athletes who play these sports

Reaching Out

In times like these, there are many people who feel differently about all of this chaos that has been brought into our lives because of the Coronavirus. I’m sure the virus has had an effect on you and your everyday life because it sure has affected mine and quite a

Omaha Shuts Down

As we know, because of the COVID-19 Omaha schools have been closing. According to Omaha Public Schools will remain closed indefinitely to help limit the spread of the new coronavirus. The Omaha district had earlier announced plans for temporary closures that would extend spring breaks to about two weeks,

Support Local

As Covid-19 has shut down schools, it has also put restrictions on restaurants and stores. With that it can hurt the sales and the workers also. During this time people should think about the small/ local businesses around them. This pandemic truly hurts them and some businesses have had to

Musical Update

Almost three weeks ago the cast and crew of our spring musical Chicago finished our last rehearsal before spring break. We received our marching orders from director Josh vonKampen to have all of our lines memorized before we came back from break and walked out of Franey Hall listening to

Coronavirus Impacts Sports Everywhere

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, sports across the United States and around the world have been either postponed or canceled completely. Some of these sports include the NBA basketball season, the College World Series, and even area high schools' entire spring season. That means that soccer, tennis, track, and baseball

Education Through Technology

Recently Mercy High School has switched to online classes due to the spreading of COVID-19. Students have been completing assignments online and also have been attending live classes on Google Meets. Many already know how students are handling the situation, but how are the teachers affected by all of this?