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Ban on TikTok?

The United States House is currently trying to pass the ability for President Biden to ban TikTok. TikTok is a popular app that is downloaded by one third of the teens in America. The government wants to ban TikTok because it is run by the Chinese company, ByteDance. The government

The Coronation

There is a new King of England, a coronation, and preparations for London's biggest event of the year! In 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Westminster Abbey after her father died in 1952, because she was the oldest daughter and had no brothers. She became Queen at age 25. Her

News Article: The Met Gala

The Met Gala. The most sought after party and red carpet event of the entire year, many celebrities, designers, and anyone in the public eye come to show off their fashion sense in New York in front of all press, cameras, and the public. This year, The Met was held

Best Class of The Week: P.E. I

As the students in P.E. are introduced to the sport of cricket, they are being shown the movie Lagaan. In the movie the year is 1893, and a small village in India is under British occupation. The governor, Captain Russell, has imposed an unfair double tax on the people of

Before, During, and After Earth Day!

With the closing of Earth Day there have been some great announcements of improvement around the world such as finding new and healthy coral reefs and students now being educated on how to take care of our planet. As we go into these topics we will look at how these

5 Things That Will be Missed: Interviews

What do the seniors say they will miss about Mercy? I asked multiple seniors five questions, and here are their answers, enjoy. What Classes with you miss the most? Many replied with standard classes like English, sciences, or history, but others stood out. Intermediate Theatre is a class based on getting students

Saying Goodbye to the Phantom

"The Phantom of the Opera" was one of the longest running shows on Broadway. No one can resist the amazing music, beautiful costumes, and especially the iconic falling chandelier. "The Phantom of the Opera", written by Andrew Lloyd Webber was based on a Gaston Leroux novel, and tells the story

Food in Omaha

Want a good place to eat without the fancy price tag? Something to satisfy your taste buds? Well do I have a place for you! One a relaxed ramen house, the other is a wholesome desert bar.  Ika San is an amazing place in the metro to order Japanese-style food. They

Earth Day Facts and Fun

Earth Day was not always a holiday. In the early 1960’s Earth Day did not exist. The Earth was very polluted. You could see black smoke rising into the air. Toxic waste was in streams and rivers. This was the Earth before Earth Day began.  History of Earth Day So how did

Best Class of the Week: Spanish 4

Mercy Girls have amazing teachers and classes. It can be hard to pick a favorite class with all the amazing teachers. My favorite class this week is Spanish Four with Señor Jensen.  This week my class is finishing watching the movie “El Laberinto del Fauno '' or “Pan's Labyrinth”. The movie