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COVID-19 Early Report

Coronaviruses are large families of viruses that can be common in people and in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. Coronaviruses rarely infect people and spread all over. Unfortunately this new coronavirus, COVID-19, has been affecting people and has been spreading like crazy.   COVID-19 was first

A Bronx Tale

Sometimes, the best things in life are unexpected. When I walked into the Orpheum a couple of weeks ago to see the musical A Bronx Tale, I was excited. I went into the theater blind, not knowing anything about the show or having listened to any of the music. This

UNL Group Protests Capital

  UNL students in the rotunda at the capital. On Wednesday, January 8, approximately 10 students from the organization called Sustain at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln came together for a peaceful protest during the first legislative session of the year. According to their website, Sustain is “an aggregate of students from

Snow Hits Omaha

Omaha saw snow on Friday, January 10th, making the roads slick and dangerous for drivers. Plows were prepared the day before and got the roads prepped, but the roads were still slick enough for accidents, such as one where cars ended up in a ditch due to the ice on

Ice Skating at UNMC

Ice skating, a winter favorite, is at the University of Nebraska Medical Center for all to enjoy. Located between 40th and 42nd streets and between Dewey and Emile Streets, the rink is sure to be a fun time! Ice Rink entrance on Dewey Street The ice skating rink costs $5 for the