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April ACT

Last Saturday, April 13, was the 2019 April ACT. The Juniors at Mercy and many other high schools in the area have been preparing for the ACT for months leading up to it. Many students from Mercy as well as the other schools in our area, took the ACT on

God is Calling (Better Answer)

Current Mercy girls have noticed recently that some school days have started with two and a half hours of unpredictable talks or events. These days are a part of a new program called “Kaleidoscope”. The juniors are learning with the John Baylor program in assistance to do well on the ACT.

Prom: What’s New?

With Prom around the corner, many juniors and seniors are wondering what to expect this year. This is an exciting time for everyone attending prom, and many are planning their outfits, dinner plans, and dance moves for this big event on April 6. This year, the prom theme was announced during

On to College ACT Prep with John Baylor

by Morgan Wright Taking the ACT or SAT is one of the major steps students take before applying to colleges. There is a large amount of pressure on kids to do well on these tests because their score can be just as important as their GPA. Both the student’s GPA and