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Spirit Of Mercy Winners- 12/9/19

Anna Buck for her compassion and genuine concern for everyone, but particularly towards one of her Little Sisters this morning.  Sophie Harvat for Student Council leadership working with Roz for Christmas at Mercy. Kateri Pantoja for her positive spirit.  Madeline Riesberg for leadership in class. Dani Stolze and Lily Dang for their spirited Happy

How To Be The Best Advent Angel

December has arrived, which means it’s time for the Advent Angels to be secretly roaming the halls delivering presents. Each year the girls who wish to participate in Advent Angels write up a list of a few of their favorite things. The list, along with the girl’s name, is put

Spirit of Mercy Winners- 11/18/19

Sam Burns does so much to help and is just an all-around great girl. Cate Kelly gave cookies as a thank you for all the college help.  Sierra Mann and Summer Mann – Both girls volunteered, without being asked, to stay after the completion of the Food Sale to help with clean-up. Megan

Save The Bees— Guest Blog

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of insects? Is it a creepy bug with long legs and multiple tiny eyes? Most people nowadays tend to have a negative view towards insects and ignore how critical their survival is to our own. While not

Spirit of Mercy Winner- 11/4/19

Jenny Beccera, Lolah-Belle Bunche, Carly Evans, Grace Gonka, Kelsey Hudecek, Nevaeh Johnson, Amy Marquez, Adriana Rangel, Eleanore Slavik, Simone Wilson, Molly Vankat, Abby Verkuilen, Gabby Zuerlein, and Student Council. Jenny Beccera for excellent effort in class and her help teaching others. Lolah-Belle Bunche – Lolah-Belle saw that Mrs. Miller had her hands full and waited at the bottom