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Tech Week!

Tech week is always the most stressful week for the Mercy High Theatre Department. It is always a fun week, though, because the cast and tech crew come together to run through the production. This week is also a longer week for the students because the rehearsals go from 4

2021 Mission Week!

It’s that time of year again, Mission Week! It's time for students and teachers to give money for the Mercy mission. It is a week-long fundraiser to raise money for tea workers in third world countries. The money goes through a company called Arise Foundation and will give the women

What the Girls are Up To!

Spring break is a time that Mercy girls use to relax or to make preparations for their future. Many girls are using their vacation to go on a college visit. There are four seniors who went out of state to visit potential schools. Senior Cree Howard is visiting Marquette University