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Farewell to Alt, Stanley, and Modrell

There are three faculty and staff members leaving Mercy after the end of this school year. The three who are leaving are Mrs. Shannon Alt, Mrs. Anne Stanley, and Mr. Kevin Modrell.  I asked each of them to talk about why they are leaving and how they feel about

April ACT

Last Saturday, April 13, was the 2019 April ACT. The Juniors at Mercy and many other high schools in the area have been preparing for the ACT for months leading up to it. Many students from Mercy as well as the other schools in our area, took the ACT on

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Morgan Wright My sister, Lauren Wright may be younger than me, but she does not fail to inspire me day after day.  Ever since I could talk, I had been asking my mom and dad for a brother or sister. In October of 2005, God answered my prayers and gifted me with

On to College ACT Prep with John Baylor

by Morgan Wright Taking the ACT or SAT is one of the major steps students take before applying to colleges. There is a large amount of pressure on kids to do well on these tests because their score can be just as important as their GPA. Both the student’s GPA and