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Second Semester at a Glance

2016- 2017 second semester was definately one for the books, check out to see the awesome events put on for Mercy. All the girls had a blast and it will always be something that we can all look back on. This is it for me Mayela out!

Insider Perspective on Student Council

On April 25 Mercy High School had Student Council elections for the 2017-2018 school year. For any incoming freshman who will want to run, don't worry!! You will all run for position at the beginning of the school year. Essentially, you need to speak for about a minute to two

Award goes to Ms.McCoy!

The 2017 Archdiocesan Administrator of the year award goes to our very own Ms.McCoy! We are all very excited that our awesome assistant principal will be receiving this award. This is a recognition of her hard work and dedication. She is receiving it because she demonstrates a strong personal commitment

Sophomore Talent Show

The talents for this years sophomore talent show were amazing. Here you can see clips of their performances and why they decided to be part of this awesome tradition

Sophomore Prayer & Song

On April 10th it was the first time that the Sophomores presented their prayer & song at the talent show. After an awesome presentation of all the talents we all sat down together as a class and showed it to the rest of the school.

Alert! Vending Machine Prices Raised

The Vending Machine prices have been raised! This has been a topic of conversation at lunch these past couple of weeks. Many people have not been okay with the prices going up. Everything except the chips have been raised .25 cents, making the candy bars $1.25 and things like Pop Tarts