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The Omaha Community Playhouse

  The Omaha Community Playhouse is a local performing arts center that involves live theatre and other educational opportunities. OCP opened in 1959 and has impacted the Omaha area in a very positive way. It provides classes and plays which have enriched the arts in the Omaha Metro area. It also

2021 Maha Music Festival

Maha is a nonprofit operation that is centered on bringing communities together. It has serviced the community of Omaha since 2009. Maha Festival is a music festival that takes place in Omaha, Nebraska over the course of a few days in the summertime. This event has become more and more

A Year Has Passed

2020 was definitely a year to remember. Covid struck our world unexpectedly and before we knew it everything was closed down. Life as we knew it was changed. Schools were shut down, along with grocery stores, churches, and local businesses. Travel was immediately limited. Even colleges were shut down completely.