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Spirit of Mercy Awards Winners

Each week a few students are awarded the Spirit of Mercy Award for random acts of kindness. This weeks winners are... Lexi Rains for helping her classmate Kate Tietjen, Jordan Fett, Mayela Hernandez, Emily Erlbacher—for their leadership of Student Council and helping to transition the new members. Cate Kelly – Junior – Organizing and

Finishing the Year Strong

The school year is coming to an end-- we are already in the fourth quarter and past progress reports. Our last day is May 23rd, which is a Thursday. Many girls most likely have a countdown of their own, but for the ones who don’t, we have exactly twenty six

Sport Cancellations

Last week and weekend were full of games and matches. Sadly everything was cancelled. JV Tennis was cancelled on Friday. JV soccer was also cancelled Friday.  Varsity track opted out of the Wahoo invite on Saturday. Track had no choice other than to opt out of the meet. Track did

Freshmen Thoughts on Spring Sports

Spring sports here at Mercy are just starting up, tho the weather doesn’t seem like spring is here. Snow is still on the ground and it’s slowing melting. The grass isn’t visible  yet but we’re slowly getting there. Nebraska weather is wild.   It can be scary playing sports as a