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Healthy, Happy, Positive

    The Coronavirus has caused many changes in everyone’s daily routine, but there are many ways to stay healthy, happy, and positive during this time of not knowing. There are many different activities you can do to keep your mindset focused on the positive instead of the negative. Also there

What To Do?

Covid-19 has caused many closings throughout Nebraska including restaurants, stores, and church services. Even though this horrible sickness has closed many things including our school, there are other ways we can still access activities. For example, instead of going into a restaurant you can order from Grub Hub and they

Reaching Out

In times like these, there are many people who feel differently about all of this chaos that has been brought into our lives because of the Coronavirus. I’m sure the virus has had an effect on you and your everyday life because it sure has affected mine and quite a

Flu Hits New York

Influenza, also known as the "flu", is an infectious disease caused by the influenza virus. In New York, an emergency system was activated because of the increased spread of the flu. In an article called "Cuomo Activates Flu Emergency System as Cases Spike", it mentions that nearly 33,000 cases of