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God is Calling (Better Answer)

Current Mercy girls have noticed recently that some school days have started with two and a half hours of unpredictable talks or events. These days are a part of a new program called “Kaleidoscope”. The juniors are learning with the John Baylor program in assistance to do well on the ACT.

Spring Positivity

Spring is here! Getting out of the house is a little easier and more enjoyable. Some people think spring is the best season of them all, so they justified their decision. Ms. Blessie, a teacher at Mercy High School, said “I love how two weeks ago it was freezing, and all

Where does it all come from?

One of the three pillars of the Sisters of Mercy is service. This week Mercy High School is holding their annual Mission Week. Every year the Mercy community decides to help a different cause. Last year we raised $20,000 for the construction of mud huts in Nigeria. We helped more kids

When are Parents the Referees?

In some instances the difference between a parent and a referee is very scarce.A tip for pointing out a difference would be the location of the person. Most of the time the only people on the field or court would be the players and referee, even though we think only