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Search For the Right College

Junior and senior years in high school can be seen as stressful because of the thought of college approaching. Junior year is the time when the college search begins. Senior year is filled with college applications, college visits, and scholarships. The hard part about college is the thought of choosing

The Main Myth of Mercy High

If you went to Mercy in the early 2000’s, you’ve probably heard of Sister Mary Agnes. Apparently her spirit haunts our school. Many alums and teachers have a story to tell about the ghost who roams the halls. I chose to investigate this myth and see whether it is fact

How to Triumph on the ACT

Another ACT is upon us again. For most people that means stressful nights of studying. But have no fear, I have some helpful tips that will you help you jump your score. With these tips you will even make John Baylor proud of you! Use the ON TO COLLEGE Program: We

5 Ways to Pray More in Your Daily Life

Life can be pretty stressful. There’s too many quizzes, trying to study for the ACT, and trying to juggle sports and school at the same time, everything seems to get chaotic. It’s important to take time and reflect on ourselves. When we take time in our busy schedule to pray,