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Mercy’s Heritage

On Saint Patrick’s Day, all of the Mercy girls dressed up in green because of Mercy’s Irish heritage. The first Mercy institution opened in Dublin, Ireland. St Patrick’s Day is one of the many special days that we celebrate at Mercy as we continually learn about our background. Since Mercy originated in

Spring Break 2021

During spring break, I took my friend's dogs to the dog park and on a hike. They love to run around outside, so I thought it would be a great idea to take them both to the dog park for them to play around in a bigger environment. It was

Catholic Schools Week

During Catholic Schools Week, there are many things that take place including free dress down days most of the week. This year's theme is Faith, Excellence, and Service. On Monday we are encouraged to dress up as a superhero, Tuesday is a front line worker we admire, Wednesday is a

How We Are Getting Through Covid

There are many challenges that people face every day, but a new challenge that everyone faces today is Covid-19. The pandemic has stopped everyone from doing what they do almost every day. This is a new “normal” for us, which we still haven’t gotten used to and maybe never will. At