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They Liked It So They Put a Ring On It

Wearing a school ring is an everlasting tradition for many high schools. It is a unifying experience that brings classmates together and creates a common bond that lasts long past graduation. The Mercy school rings are no exception to this. Engraved with whatever the student wants, commonly the initials and

The Week Ahead: Week of November 26

Take a look at what Mercy’s calendar has on it for the first week back from Thanksgiving break! Mark you calendars and plan ahead for all of these fun activities. Monday November 26 Clubs meeting after school are Show Choir, Pro-Life Club, Walking Club and Math Club. The Varsity basketball team has a

Women Take Over Washington

Election Day fell on November 6 this year and it was a very big day for people across the nation. Even for those who aren’t old enough to vote yet, chances are the outcomes of the election will affect their lives in one way or another. The results of the

The Hype of Spirit Week

Spirit Week is a very exciting time of the year for the Mercy community. Occurring the week before Saturday’s Nocturne, it is full of fierce competitions, elaborate costumes, and warm and fuzzy bags. It’s a crazy time for the students and faculty and many hours go into planning the theme,

The Week Ahead: Week of 11/4

Take a look at what this week has in store and plan ahead. The week of November 4th is a very busy week at Mercy High School! Sunday November 4 From 12:30-3pm, the school will be open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who wish to come take a look around. During

An Unwelcome Costume Change

With Halloween 2018 over, I am left feeling a little incomplete. At first I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong because my family had done all of our usual traditions; making caramel apples, having extended family over, and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. But then, after thinking about it, I