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Hoppy Easter from Mercy High School

Easter is approaching fast and Mercy is prepared! Over the weekend, the school hosted a scavenger hunt and offered other Easter activities for kids and their parents. It was welcome to anyone who wanted to participate and a way for alumnae to visit Mercy. It was a fun way to

Senior Scholarships

Here at Mercy, we have two wonderful college advisors. Mrs. Laura Powers and Mrs. Driml-Powers are super smart and on top of everything. They see a lot of students every day about college admissions, scholarships, or just general questions. They work in the Academic Success Center and always have an

Wellness Presentation

The conversation around mental health is gaining more attention than it ever has. Throughout this difficult school year, mental health has been an important topic for students, teachers, and parents. Checking in on your friends and family is a good habit to have, but taking care of yourself physically and