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A New Principal!

The 2017-2018 school year at Mercy High has been filled with many transitions. There is the annual transition of the seniors leaving and each class moving to the next grade, but this year there is an exciting new announcement. Our current principal Ms. Regan is leaving for a consulting position

What Really Is A Prom Dress Closet?

It’s spring time and in high school that means so much. There’s going on summer vacation, finals all over again, and PROM. Prom is the ultimate high school dance. Everyone who goes wants to be the freshest and cleanest looking person/ couple there. Prom is very important in high school

8 Hacks to Ace the ACT

On April 14th, Mercy juniors will be taking the ACT. ACT stands for “American College Testing”. This test is a device for scholarships and acceptance to college. The juniors have been preparing for the ACT in classes and through The John Baylor Program. Preparing for the ACT can be dire,