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Senior Night

As the school year comes to a close we must say goodbye to the seniors. Mercy’s theater department was sad to tell them goodbye but all good things must come to an end. Watch this video to see how the night went.

Do it for the Vine

This year's sophomore class just performed their talent show. The theme was "Do it for the Vine", named after Vine which is a 7 second clip of a humorous video. To incorporate Vine in the show, the sophomores included Vines between some of the acts. They also included a compilation

Sing On!

Mercy's choir competed at District Music on Friday, April 20th. Mercy High Singers had worked diligently to prepare for their upcoming performance. They worked on their solos, duets, ensembles, and octets and then came the day for them to compete. The girls took a bus to Platteview where they could

Flower Power

This past weekend April 13-15 Mercy performed Girls of the Garden Club. With a cast and crew of about 40 students, this comedic play had everyone dying of laughter. To see the flower power click on the photo essay below.

Don’t Keep Calm- Be Dramatic!

This year's acting class has been working on dramatic and comedic monologues, which is a long speech said by a character often as dialogue to another person on stage. To see how the students did on their monologues watch the video below.

The Arts

Mercy offers many fine art classes to see what they’ve been up to this semester click on the photo essay below.

The Girls of the Garden Club

Most people are curious about the spring play, The Girls of the Garden Club, so here's some much-wanted information about the play. It takes place in suburban New Jersey during the 1980s, so expect to see mom jeans! The characters range from young ladies to older women mainly housewives who love

The Treblemakers Begin Again

Ms. Fasano is finishing her first year at Mercy and is already preparing for next year. Last year, the Trebelmakers had great success and Ms. Fasano is looking for new talent during this year's tryouts. I asked her some questions about the upcoming season and here's what she had to

Deadly Parking Lot

Student Maggie Moyer was injured by a teacher in the parking lot after school. To learn about it watch the broadcast below. Disclaimer this is FAKE NEWS

Bowling League

Mercy's bowling league has been having a blast at West Lanes. Watch the video below to see what they've been up to.