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Pick Up Your Online Registration Forms!

This school year is almost over and then it’s time for summer break. Here at Mercy you could do online classes over the summer to knock out that classes you have to do. These forms are across from the front desk. For an example, we all have to take Economics senior

Lunch Catering Has Returned!

Since Covid started there were things that we couldn’t have like vending machines and still don’t have like microwaves so we can’t cross contaminate. Well that changed Mercy has brought back the vending machines and catering. There are now able to have catering for lunch from Fazoli’s and Chick-fil-A. They

Last Day!

The last few months months of school are slowly creeping up on us. Some days seem longer than others, especially when we’re counting down the days until summer. The good news is that there are only 49 more days left until school ends--as of March 16 anyway. Last days are always

Washington DC Chaos

Trump supporters vs Police Officers

When Joe Biden won the election over Donald Trump in November it caused a lot of controversy. A lot of people were happy, but many Trump supporters were mad. On January 6,  pro-Trump supporters protested and vandalized the Capitol Building in Washington DC, then later stormed into the Capitol by