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A couple of weeks ago Broadway actress Laura Benanti posted a video encouraging students who didn’t get a chance to perform their spring musicals for an audience to post a video of them singing their songs on Twitter. She said, "I know for me, my high school musical was a lifesaver.

Musical Update

Almost three weeks ago the cast and crew of our spring musical Chicago finished our last rehearsal before spring break. We received our marching orders from director Josh vonKampen to have all of our lines memorized before we came back from break and walked out of Franey Hall listening to

Thankful for the Little Things

Two weeks ago, I was going to school every day and senioritis was kicking in hard core. The days were running together, I didn’t want to do my work, and I was even late to school because I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed. Now, I would give anything

A Bronx Tale

Sometimes, the best things in life are unexpected. When I walked into the Orpheum a couple of weeks ago to see the musical A Bronx Tale, I was excited. I went into the theater blind, not knowing anything about the show or having listened to any of the music. This

UNL Group Protests Capital

  UNL students in the rotunda at the capital. On Wednesday, January 8, approximately 10 students from the organization called Sustain at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln came together for a peaceful protest during the first legislative session of the year. According to their website, Sustain is “an aggregate of students from