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Staying Connected with God – Faith Project

At Mercy High School, faith is one of the most important aspects of our community. Between the many perfectly coordinated Masses, prayer services, and opportunities to take part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Mercy students and staff are able to stay deeply rooted in their faith throughout the entire school year. However, with summer break slowly approaching, Mercy’s religious events are coming to an end. Despite the end of the school year, Mercy High School’s Campus Minister, Mrs. Miller, continues to prepare for next school year.

When asked about the formation of Masses and other religious events that occur over the summer, Mrs. Miller stated, “I don’t work on any prayer services just because I try to leave that up to pastoral counsel to have a say and influence in. However, I do schedule priests for the year and I work on retreats, especially if we [Mercy] are updating things.”

Click the picture for a link to Catholic Youth Camp.

During the summer, the absence of Masses, prayer services, and religious opportunities can be troubling to many students. When Mercy is not providing easy access to monthly Masses and the amazing option to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, students may begin to neglect their relationship with their faith. Fortunately, there are numerous events that take place during the summer where students are able to stay connected with their faith. Mrs. Miller recommended excellent choices such as Camp Fun and Faith and Catholic Youth Camp.

Providing more detail to one of her recommendations, Mrs. Miller added, “Catholic Youth Camp is an event where they have high school weekends, but then high schoolers can also be counselors and even go for free or on a discount!”

Many of the religious events are unique and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Mrs. Miller described a particular event that is taking place this summer called The Eucharistic Revival.

She proceeded to explain that it is a rare opportunity where “people from all over the United States are going to be gathering together in prayer and adoration.”

Also known as the Tenth National Eucharistic Congress, this occasion is going to be held in Indianapolis. For those who are unable to attend, the same program is having pilgrimages.

After further research, Mrs. Miller clarified, “The pilgrimages will be from all the different corners of the United States and so one will go through Omaha.”

The pilgrimages are an on foot Eucharistic Procession and offer the chance for anybody to join in. As for the people near and in Omaha, the pilgrimage will be available to those interested in joining starting June 22nd and ending June 24th. The procession will visit several parishes including St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, St. Cecilia Cathedral, and St. John’s Parish at Creighton University. This is a great and special moment that should be taken advantage of and is truly a once and a lifetime opportunity.

Click the picture for a link to The Eucharistic Revival.

Being a part of those special camps and retreats is a perfect way to strengthen your relationship with God, especially since you are sharing your faith with a handful of other spiritual people. On the other hand, not all students have the availability to participate in the camps and other events. Students hoping to stay persistent in their faith may solve that problem by finding individual methods to grow their relationship with God.

Mrs. Miller listed “committing to going once a week to a daily Mass, or to do a holy hour of Adoration at your parish” as ways to personally continue practicing the faith.

There are countless opportunities that occur over the summer that aid students in maintaining their relationship with God. Whether it is volunteering as a counselor at Catholic Youth Camp, walking a distance along with the Eucharistic Procession, or even taking time to pray at your parish, it all helps with staying connected to God. The options included in this article are remarkable religious events that would be extremely beneficial to anybody looking forward to staying faithful over the summer!

Student at Mercy High School.
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