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Reunited: A Soccer Story

Is it coincidence or meant to be? Sophomores Olivia Ohlman and Audrey Bush are teammates on Mercy’s Varsity Soccer team, but this year isn’t their first time playing together. In fact, they’ve been united through soccer since pre-K and have recently come back together to play soccer for the remainder of their high school years. Ohlman and Bush both attended St. Cecilia and participated on their school’s soccer team every spring and fall. Ohlman also plays for Omaha STING’s club soccer, which Bush recently joined as well. Although they’re on different STING teams due to their ages, Ohlman and Bush regularly play for each other’s teams if needed.

High school brought change for Ohlman and Bush, primarily in their decision to attend different schools. Ohlman described high school as an opportunity for each of them to “go their separate ways.” Therefore, she didn’t attend Mercy as a freshman. Rather, she played against Mercy as part of the Roncalli Pride, a few times even facing off against Bush on the soccer field. However, transferring to Mercy as a sophomore allowed Ohlman to immerse herself in a supporting, athletic environment, where she truly found happiness. Not only that, but Ohlman and Bush were reunited and could play soccer together once more, benefiting one another and the varsity soccer team as well. 

“Being able to transfer to Mercy and getting the chance to play soccer with [Audrey] again made me so happy!” Ohlman shared. 

On and off the field, Ohlman and Bush are best friends. It is through soccer that they met and grew their friendship and skills. On the field, Bush describes that they don’t even have to say what they’re thinking aloud; one can pass the ball, and the other will be there immediately to receive it. Bush credits Ohlman’s excellent ball control and passes for her opportunities to score. 

“We trust each other out there,” Bush commented. “Growing up playing for the same team has built a strong bond and chemistry that is unmatched.” 

Their skills haven’t gone unnoticed by Mercy’s soccer coaches. Coach Becky Marky commented that their chemistry and communication is key on the soccer field. From the sidelines, she can see that “they anticipate each other’s movements and communicate very quickly with each other.” Therefore, she placed them right next to each other on the soccer field to attack offensively. 

From playing together, becoming rivals, and being reunited on Mercy’s varsity soccer team, Ohlman and Bush’s friendship has never been stronger. They continue to benefit as teammates and friends, and both hope to continue playing soccer together throughout the rest of their high school careers.

AK Verdoni
MHS ‘26, XC, John 1:48
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