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Physical Education Oppurtunities

What kind of physical activities do Mercy girls get to experience when attending Mercy? Mercy has a big variety of physical education classes that give everyone the opportunity to get needed exercise. As a Freshman, you have to take PE I in your second semester. PE I includes a variety of different sports using a bunch of different skills. A few examples of some of the sports played are soccer, floor hockey, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, cricket, speedball, and so many more.

Soccer is a big sport, especially at Mercy. Mercy always does so well in soccer. Soccer might seem simple but can actually be quite complicated, which is why it is taught in PE so it will help others learn how to play and still be able to be with friends.

Floor hockey is pretty self-explanatory. It is very similar to hockey but without ice. There are a few different rules, but nothing too out of the blue. Floor hockey is played with a stick, just like ice hockey. Passing to other teammates and trapping is all the same.

Ultimate frisbee is very different in many ways. Instead of kicking a ball or using a stick to get the puck around, you throw the frisbee. This game is very intricate. Not only must players throw a frisbee in many different ways, but they also must be able to catch it. It’s similar to flag football, which is also played in PE I.

Lacrosse is a tough sport to learn in one and a half weeks. It is hard to be able to capture the ball in the lacrosse stick without really seeing it. In lacrosse, you have to be able to catch the ball in the air, on the floor, and maybe even to the side of you. Throwing the ball can be tricky because there is a certain time to let go or swing the ball. If the ball leaves at the wrong time, it could go up in the air, down to the ground, or possibly into the bleachers.

Cricket is the most recent sport that is being taught. A movie that is shown in PE is called Lagaan. The movie is set in 1893. India is under British occupation. There is a small village in India called Champaner. Every year the residents have to pay their tax to the British, called lagaan. The rebellious farmer, Bhuvan publicly opposes their tax. Russell, the captain of the British, offers them a deal. If Bhuvan and his team can defeat Russell’s team in a game of cricket, the tax will be revoked, but if they lose, they have to pay triple lagaan. Cricket is similar to baseball but also very different. Like baseball, there are two teams, one scoring runs, and one restricting the scoring. There is a wicket behind the batter, and the bowler, also known as the pitcher, tries to knock down the wicket, while the batter tries to hit the ball. If the batter hits the ball, they will run to the other side where the bowler is.

The games played in PE at Mercy are unique, popular, and everything in between. Everyone needs exercise from PE. They help students to stay healthy, and they take off a little bit of weight off students shoulders because of the minimal homework and singular test per unit. Playing games in every unit helps students study for their tests. PE is a great class for everyone to take with so many different opportunities and options. 

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