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John Baylor On to College Test Prep

John Baylor is a very famous man within the Mercy community, whether you know him from his videos or his cardboard cutout in the Academic Success Center. Mr. Baylor runs The On to College Test Prep which helps in preparation for the ACT. The program hopes to allow students to get the best ACT score possible for them. Their slogan, “test day is payday” doesn’t lie either as many of the girls have raised their ACT score to allow for maximum scholarships and deals. 

The instructors with the program give tips and help with each individual section of the test. Through videos, live streams, and in person events, they guide students through the tests and basic information they need to know. They share what each question could look like on the actual test and how to narrow it down to two possible answers on confusing questions. 

During the school year, Mercy girls watch videos made by John Baylor during the first semester. They use this information to complete the Pre ACT and follow their score throughout the years. During the girls’ junior year, they participate in the live program with the man himself appearing in person for two hours every Monday for a month. During the On to College course, freshmen, sophomores, and seniors do many other activities. These activities can range from listening to a guest speaker to enjoying biscuits during an edict class. The lessons provided within this program have helped to reduce anxiety for many of the girls who suffer from anxiety about the ACT. They teach the girls the options that might work best for them, which reduces anxiety. The sponsor who paid for the program for all of the girls should be proud of the outcomes of higher scores and higher scholarships for the girls at Mercy. 

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