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Mercy High School Springs into Plant Sale Season

Mercy High’s plant sale is one of the most successful fundraisers put on by the school. It is perfectly timed with spring right around the corner making plants and flowers easily accessible to any budding botanist. The link to purchase the plants was just recently sent out to students, who are eager to spread the news with family and friends about the upcoming sale. The simple buying process, beneficial proceeds, and lovely atmosphere the flowers bring are what makes the annual plant sale different from the other fundraisers that take place during the school year.

Over past years, Mercy High School’s plant sale has been beloved by many because of how simple the process is. Returning buyers have trust in knowing that the flowers they get are good quality and for a good cause.

The whole production of the plant sale starts by students reaching out to family and friends asking if they have any interest in buying anything. Then, once the order form closes, the shipment of flowers and plants are sent to Mercy and unpacked by students and volunteers. Because of the limited space to store all of the greenery, palettes of plants line the front foyer’s floor leading into the hallway. Buyers can choose to either pick up their plants at Mercy or have them be delivered by the Mercy girl they bought them from.

When the flowers arrive at Mercy, the hallways are filled with bright colors and a fresh scent. While wandering the halls, Mercy girls are able to see firsthand the immense amount of plants and flowers that had been purchased. When asked about how she feels regarding the plant sale, senior Maggie Barta states, “I love how the money made from the plant sale goes back to help fund financial aid for Mercy Girls!”  Supporting the plant sale at Mercy helps students raise money needed for tuition assistance. The student gets fifty cents for every dollar sold and there is an option for a donation in which the student gets 100% of the proceeds. 

As plants and flowers flood Mercy High School, the students can’t help but get excited for the new season of spring. Smelling the floral scent down the hallways and seeing the bright colors inspires students as they finish out the school year. Senior Georgia Kinney says, “It’s probably my favorite week to go to Mercy because of the flowery goodness and divine scent.” The best part is that the price of items sold varies from $4-$22, making it reasonably priced for anyone looking to make the Earth a little greener. By purchasing from the plant sale not only do you help aid tuition assistance for Mercy girls, but you also give back to the Earth by planting new life. The best part of the plant sale is the overwhelming support from the Mercy community. It’s always nice to know that they look forward to plant sale season and now you should too!

Ashley Spawn
Senior at Mercy High School.
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