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Where the Boys Aren’t

The education experience at Mercy High School is unlike any other. With rigorous academics and strong community bonds, girls are able to thrive.

“I think one of the benefits of an all-girl education is just being with other like-minded young women that all have a goal. Everyone is kind of seeking the same purpose, which is to have a huge focus on learning,” said Dr. Oliver, Mercy class of ‘98 and current assistant principal.

According to the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools, the top reason to attend an all-girl school is it allows girls to be themselves. Dr. Richard A. Holmgren of Allegheny College states that “Over 88% of girls’ school students report they are comfortable being themselves at school, which means they are free to focus their energies on their learning.” Another reason an all-girl education is extremely beneficial is it provides wonderful mentoring opportunities. Dr. Holmgren claims, “The overwhelming majority of girls’ school students agree to strongly agree that they feel supported at their schools: 95% feel supported by their teachers compared to 84% of girls at coed schools, 90% report feeling supported by other students compared to 73% of girls at coed schools, and 83% feel supported by their school administrators compared 63% of girls at coed schools.”

Attending an all-girl school allows young girls space to grow and thrive in an empowering community.

“Being able to see, firsthand, how young women develop and mature in the way that they become empowered, in the way that I see girls being fearless and taking risks. I am able to walk through the halls everyday and there’s evidence of the things that girls are doing because they are feeling powerful,” says Dr. Oliver. Helping young women find their full potential is one of Dr. Oliver’s favorite things about working at Mercy High School.

Grace Burroughs
Student at Mercy High School. Dancer.
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