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Meet Anna Zuber!

What if you had to transfer to a different school? Would it be a challenge? A way to explore what you’re interested in? A new opportunity? For Anna Zuber, a sophomore at Mercy High School, the transition from Gross Catholic High School after her freshman year was a challenge. From a nervous first day to finding her place in the sisterhood, Zuber shared that after meeting new people, she felt a part of the Mercy community.

“I was definitely nervous my first day, but as the day went on and I met more people, teachers, and faculty, I was much more comfortable,” Zuber commented.

Zuber chose Mercy as her new school for its outstanding education. Believing that Mercy strives to push its girls to their fullest potential, she came to be challenged in the classroom and immerse herself in new activities. Zuber currently participates in Cheer and is an active member in after-school clubs like Mock Trial, Golden Girls, and FBLA. She commented that Gross doesn’t offer as many clubs as Mercy, but now she’s involved in activities that support her interests.

“At Gross, the only [clubs] that were available, to my knowledge, were Robotics Team and an art club, but at Mercy, you have the opportunity to join a variety of clubs and form your own.”

Gross Catholic is a coed high school, which is an entirely different atmosphere than Mercy’s all-girl student body. For Zuber, not only was it an opportunity to meet new girls with similar interests, but she experienced a different environment for her Catholic education. Zuber values her relationship with her faith and commented that Mercy has a special spiritual aspect. She enjoys how Catholicism is built into the curriculum and how teachers take time to pray before class. Truly, Mercy is a wonderful place for young women to comfortably be themselves and explore the roots of their faith!

AK Verdoni
MHS ‘26, XC, John 1:48
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