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Ban on TikTok?

The United States House is currently trying to pass the ability for President Biden to ban TikTok. TikTok is a popular app that is downloaded by one third of the teens in America. The government wants to ban TikTok because it is run by the Chinese company, ByteDance. The government wants to protect Americans’ data from China. The law makers have also expressed their concern on the mental health toll TikTok has created. The New York Times did an article on “What Are Students Saying About Banning TikTok?” and got opinions of what most teens think of the ban.

Majority of the teens believe this law is not productive for the American government. Instead of worrying about TikTok, the government needs to look at gun control or school shooting rates. Multiple teens also found this law to be hypocritical due to the fact they are only banning TikTok, not any other social media platforms. They feel the government is ok when data is being collected for the United States social media platforms. Students then believe the government shouldn’t be banning TikTok if they keep Instagram and Snapchat.

A smaller percentage of students agreed with the ban. Students understand the threat of China collecting data and the threat of the company, ByteDance. Many students did like the idea of banning TikTok to help mental health. Teens struggle with mental health and TikTok isn’t helping. Another idea supporting the ban was time consumption on TikTok. Students found themselves to be more productive when not using the app.

I was then inspired by this article to ask Mercy girls their stance on the ban. Junior Malanna Muse said, “I can understand the government not wanting China to collect data, but I find the Snapchat AI to be much scarier.” I am someone without TikTok and I find my time management to be productive and I am in support of the ban.  

Overall the ban may or may not pass, but at least we get to see what current American teens think of the issue. 

Lauren Maass
Future Dance Moms Star
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