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5 Things Ms. Newville Will Miss

As the end of the year is coming a lot of the focus is on finals and the seniors departing from the school, but there are some faculty leaving as well. One of the teachers leaving is Ms. Newville, who has been teaching at Mercy High School for 32 years and is now retiring. As the common question for most seniors is “What are they going to miss about Mercy?”, I wanted to ask the same question to Newville, so here are five things Ms. Newville will miss about Mercy!

  1.  May Crowning (The Old Way)  

When asked about one of the things Newville will miss most she said May Crowning. She mentioned it being a great way to honor Mary and the Seniors before they leave. Although she did add that she really missed the old way May Crowning was done with the ceremony being at night with students, family, alums, and other parts of the community coming together to honor Mary and the seniors. 

  1. Old Traditions 

Newville also mentioned how some of the Mercy traditions have changed along with May Crowning. She mentioned how some of them have been changed since the pandemic and because of times changing. Either way, she misses the events and will continue to miss them as she leaves. 

  1. The Students 

The thing that Newville will miss the most is the students. She said that she loves teaching the students and will miss seeing them every day. Whether it is early in the morning or one of the last classes of the day, she loves seeing them. 

  1. When Students Get Excited About Learning 

Besides missing the students themselves, she also mentioned missing their excitement. She said she loves to see the looks on their faces when they are learning something they love or are experiencing a lesson they are learning to enjoy. 

  1.  The Sense of Community 

Last but not least, she will miss the Mercy community. Newville loves seeing the girls and how they grow with each other and become a community with each other as Mercy girls. The Mercy community is known to be very strong and is something she will very much miss. 

Ms. Newville has left a very good impression on her students and a lot are sad to see her go, including me.

The Mercy community wishes her the best in her retirement and we hope she doesn’t miss too much of Mercy! 

Bee Hampton
Lover of Dance, Food, and Theater.
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