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News Article: The Met Gala

The Met Gala. The most sought after party and red carpet event of the entire year, many celebrities, designers, and anyone in the public eye come to show off their fashion sense in New York in front of all press, cameras, and the public. This year, The Met was held in Manhattan on May 1st. All celebrities gathered with their designated designer to present their fashion outfit to go with the theme of this year’s Met, “The Line of Beauty”. 

Emma Chamberlain and Jack Harlow – 2023

Each year, celebrities are personally invited by brands, designers, or The Met Gala itself to represent a spot at the exclusive red carpet and dinner that is The Met Gala. Celebrities invited may be famous actors/actresses, singers, influencers, and many like influencer/model, Emma Chamberlain, walk the carpet, then work with a magazine as an interviewer for other celebrities walking the carpet. Emma is the spokesperson and model for Vogue. Vogue is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, magazine/enterprise, that helps show the public the true inside scoop of, The Met. Emma pulls people aside on the carpet to ask questions about their outfits, their lives, and any recent pop culture moments. Emma is most famously known for her interviews with Doja Cat, Billie Elish, and especially, Jack Harlow. Last year, Emma interviewed Harlow, and a “meme” spread all over the internet because Harlow jokingly ended the interview with, “Bye, love you.” and Emma awkwardly said, “Love you.” back. She then made a very odd face, and that ten second interaction spread all over the internet. This year, she and many other content creators dominated interviews and made the 2023 Met, very widely reported. The Met is known for its coverage, but most importantly, it is known for its fashion. 

The Met was first founded as a way for celebrities to show off new fashion with specific designers from all over the world. Designers like Gucci, Versace, Hermès, and others invite celebrities to be dressed by them and walk their designs down the carpet. Each year celebrities show up in wild outfits, so extravagant they are almost costumes. Many celebrities try to be the biggest and most talked about but each year, one celebrity tops everyone as most beautiful of the evening: actress Blake Lively. Each year, people state she “wins The Met” as her outfits always match the theme perfectly, and make her look like a goddess. Her most known look is her 2022 “unveil” dress. When first starting on the carpet, her dress was a beautiful, bronze, dress and accessories. After walking for a few minutes, her dress unclipped, to reveal a beautiful, blue-green, dress symbolizing “rust” buildings like, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State building as rain damages the buildings over time. 
Concepts like this are what make The Met Gala special and exciting. It shows the one day a year when celebrities can show true freedom to any fashion they want. It makes for an exciting day, and always new frontiers in the fashion industry.

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