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Best Class of The Week: P.E. I

As the students in P.E. are introduced to the sport of cricket, they are being shown the movie Lagaan. In the movie the year is 1893, and a small village in India is under British occupation. The governor, Captain Russell, has imposed an unfair double tax on the people of the village. Enraged, villager Bhuvan gathers a crowd to oppose the tax and demand they don’t have to pay it. Captain Russel makes a bet with the villagers; If the British beat the Indians in a game of cricket, they must pay triple of their current tax. But if the Indian village wins, their lagaan, or tax, will be completely repealed for the next couple years. Additionally, British mayor Elizabeth offers help to the Indian village and helps them understand the game. This film is very interesting and has many plot twists and engaging factors.

Students are really enjoying and loving the plot of Lagaan. “I actually really enjoyed Lagaan because I thought it was a fun and entertaining way to learn about cricket. It was also a little history lesson of the conflict between England and India,” Bee Hampton ‘26 says.

Other than the lessons of cricket, there are many morals in Lagaan.

Lead by example – At first, no one in the village believed that they could win the cricket tournament. No one knew the rules or how to play the game, but Bhuvan was the first one to pick up the bat and play. When you are setting an example for people, they observe and are able to gain confidence

Accept help when you need it – Despite being a part of the British camp, Elizabeth helps the village. Bhuvan accepts her help. Having a role model/coach and having a second opinion and insight can always help you make better decisions, and even lead you to advantage. Good leaders don’t shy away from people offering help.

These are just some of the many lessons you can learn from the film ‘Lagaan’. Overall, the P.E. I students are enjoying the movie and look forward to starting their cricket unit!

Lys Wood
Class of ‘26
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