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Saying Goodbye to the Phantom

“The Phantom of the Opera” was one of the longest running shows on Broadway. No one can resist the amazing music, beautiful costumes, and especially the iconic falling chandelier. “The Phantom of the Opera”, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber was based on a Gaston Leroux novel, and tells the story of a strange and mysterious phantom who haunts a Paris opera house and falls in love with a beautiful female singer. This show has been performing since it first appeared at the Majestic Theater in New York in 1988, which is 35 years of performing and changing lives. With a total of 14,000 performances under their belt, the show decided to say goodbye for good. 

“The Phantom of the Opera”’s final performance was on Sunday night and ran from 5:22-7:56 pm. There were many tears as fans from all over said goodbye to this very special record-breaking broadway show. Many broadway fans attended its last performance, even some old phantom performers from the last 35 years. In attendance were famous theater celebrities attended like Lin Manuel Miranda, and Glenn Close. Some of the audience members arrived dressed as the characters in the show, including one man who came dressed as the phantom himself. The show was interrupted multiple times by loud applause for not only beloved characters, but for adored props, especially the falling chandelier. The cast was welcomed back out after the show for ongoing applause and adoration from the audience. The writer of the show, Andrew Lloyd Webber, was especially moved. He dedicated the show to his son Nicholas who had died just three weeks ago. 


After the show, the famous chandelier was recognized and brought down one last time to the sound of applause and cheering from the audience, cast, writers, directors, alumni cast, and many many more. The chandelier was decorated with ribbons and metallic confetti, celebrating its final run. After playing in front of 20 million people in 17 languages, 35 countries, the curtain closed one final time at the Majestic Theater. When asked if the show will ever return, Mackintosh said, “Of course, but it is time for the show to have a rest.” And so it shall. The phantom will be missed by many broadway fans but there is much excitement to see what will happen next in the world of theater. 

Katie Hill
Lover of music and the Lorax.
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