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Food in Omaha

Want a good place to eat without the fancy price tag? Something to satisfy your taste buds? Well do I have a place for you! One a relaxed ramen house, the other is a wholesome desert bar. 

Ika San is an amazing place in the metro to order Japanese-style food. They offer many different types of food for different people, some spicy, other dishes are meat free, and there is something for everyone. The restaurant has three locations in the Omaha area, one in Papillion, and the other in Lincoln. Ika San has also had the pleasure of winning the Best in Omaha award, a great way to show they are one of the best restaurants in town. 

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” Food can be amazing for all of us, we do not only eat one type of food, but many, and that is what brings us together. Food is meant to be shared and enjoyed by many.

Ika San may be known for their ramen, but they have many other good foods to eat. The Shadow Lake location is in the center of a shopping district, so one can shop and sit down for a good meal. The menu would contain such foods as traditional Japanese, ramen, poke, donburi, and gyoza. 

Traditional Japanese foods would include steamed buns, hot noodles, Edamame, and spicy tuna tots, and beyond. In the ramen section you would come across spicy or regular miso, fuego ramen, shoyu, and much more! Poke has such items like grilled shrimp, veggie poke, or even just stick with classic. Poke is seafood bowls with rice, a great bowl for seafood lovers. Donburi is regular bowls with spicy mayo, negi, and rice. The Donburi bowls incorporate spicy tuna don, yasai don, oyako don, and many more bowls. Finally the gyoza section serves many kinds of dumplings. 

My favorite item to order would be oyako don, which comes with chicken and an egg. What I like about the downtown location is the atmosphere, as it will keep you looking around until you leave. The walls are painted with graffiti style art and are eye-catching. While you eat, there is music roaring. What I love about this part is that it is not so loud that you cannot hear the people around you, but loud enough you can hear the words.  

A fun place to go after the meal would be the Brownie Bar. This is another wonderful spot in the Omaha area to get something to eat. The brownie bar has the delicious brownies that you probably guessed they serve. At this bakery you can pick your brownie of choice, a topping, and then you are ready to eat a yummy treat. 

These restaurants are what makes Omaha a good place to dine in and have a bite to eat, or just something to snack on. Next time you have the craving for steamed buns, ramen, a rice bowl, or a savory brownie, you know where to go!

Zsa Zsa Gomez
“When life gives you lemonade make lemons. Life will be all like, "WHAT?!"
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