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Omaha’s Kiewit Luminarium

Landscape Timelapse exhibit

On April 15th, 2023 the Kiewit Luminarium opened to the public. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, this science museum has more than 120 interactive exhibits, many engaging programs, and weekly special events. The Luminarium is for people of all ages, identities, and backgrounds to explore amazing phenomena through science, art, and human perception. The museum is over 82,000-square-foot, plenty of room for all the astonishing exhibits. 

The opening of the Kiewit Luminarium was extremely anticipated, and several news channels couldn’t wait to get a sneak peek. While being interviewed by WOWT anchor Bella Caracta, the Luminarium’s CEO, Silva Raker said, “These exhibits don’t necessarily feel like science exhibits. They feel like playful, engaging experiences,”

One big goal for the Luminarium is to encourage a diversity of people, from all types of backgrounds, to engage in STEM exploration. Each exhibit has a plaque in English and Spanish. “We know there is a big chunk of our community who are historically underrepresented from these careers and from those museums in general,” Raker said.

Here are just a few of the extraordinary attractions offered at the Kiewit Luminarium!

Dig Deeper

At this exhibit, you’re invited to explore land, water, structures, and tools. Experiment with stream dynamics, warm compost, groundwater, gears, and chain reactions. 

Make it Count

Here, you can indulge in investigations, collaborative games, and thought experiments that encourage exploration of the shapes and structures that make up our environment. Gaze through a microscope that reveals the hidden wonders of life and learn about the power of compound interest by using jumbo-sized dominoes.

Geometry Playground exhibit

The Grid

This amazing two story tower showcases the innovation, technology, and skills we each use daily in our lives. Gain knowledge of materials and planning by building a skyscraper, designing software, and creating haute couture. The Grid can be found in the Dig Deeper exhibition



Find Yourself

This exhibit lets you explore various different aspects of being human. You can see how each individual is unique and part of a larger social world. Zoom in to see how cells make up a person, and zoom out to explore how a person makes up a society. 

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