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Best Class of the Week: Spanish 4

Mercy Girls have amazing teachers and classes. It can be hard to pick a favorite class with all the amazing teachers. My favorite class this week is Spanish Four with Señor Jensen. 

This week my class is finishing watching the movie “El Laberinto del Fauno ” or “Pan’s Labyrinth”. The movie takes place during Franco’s rule in Spain. The movie deals with themes of facism and war. Throughout this week we have been learning new vocabulary from the film, answering questions for understanding, and having class discussions.

Spanish is my favorite class this week because of the students in the class. My class is mainly seniors with a few juniors. I find this class to be fun due to the seniors’ humor and energy. The seniors have only a few more weeks until graduation so I’m appreciating every day in Spanish. 

Señor Jensen makes sure the class is fun by giving us a daily joke. The joke can be a meme or a dad joke. Throughout the week we play games to review vocabulary and the movie we are watching. Señor hands out Starbursts or Jolly Ranchers for winning and participating in the activities. 

Daily Meme

At the end of this week we will have a test over the movie and begin on the final project. The final was for each student to read a short novel and create a verbal presentation with minimal slides to help. Each student is expected to explain the plot, characters, and new vocabulary from the book. 

The final project gives students an opportunity to learn and fully understand Spanish in a novel. I think this project is helpful for students because it’s more than a test, students are able to truly use their Spanish skills. I have just started my book and I am proud of myself for growing as a Spanish student. Throughout reading the book I have realized that I understand more Spanish than I give myself credit for. 

If you are ever wondering what class to add to your schedule I suggest any Spanish course. The Spanish teachers are amazing at Mercy and challenge you to learn a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life. 

Congratulations Spanish Four!

Lauren Maass
Future Dance Moms Star
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