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Honey in the Rock

Omaha Street School is a private alternative high school in our Omaha community. It’s a very small but mighty school. Like all schools, fundraisers keep the schools funded and give students more opportunities with money that is raised. On Tuesday, April 11th, Omaha Street school had their annual fundraising gala. This year’s theme was Honey in the Rock. It was all about the students finding their voices.

The gala had many activities, such as a socializing hour also known as the cocktail hour. There were also fundraising stations, a cake raffle, activities for the kids and students, donation tables, and a very fun event at the end of dinner called the dessert dash. The dessert dash was a fun way to get tables to donate. The tables would bid and top 5 table/ got to get first pick of the dessert of their choice for their table. The catch is that you only have 15 seconds to get the dessert from the dessert table. 

My mother, Porschea McAllister, started working at Omaha Street School this school year. She got to experience her first gala with the school. She had a great time. Her favorite part of the gala she said was “the video that was made of the student reading their poetry and sharing what the school means to them and what it’s done for them”. She has created many special bonds with her students. Her favorite part about being a teacher at Omaha Street School is being able to provide different opportunities to students who would normally not be able to have them. 

Imani McAllister
Class of 2025, Dog lover, Theater kid, Baker, Soccer player
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