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Best Class of the Week

The best class of the week was Theology 12. Seniors have been given work time throughout the week to create and finish their Capstone Projects. This project began at the start of semester and every month there has been required work to turn in for the project.

The Capstone Project consists of creating a presentation over a topic that relates to any of the five Sisters of Mercy critical concerns. The five critical concerns being immigration, women, non-violence, racism, and the Earth. Seniors chose their topics in January and have had to make sure they educate their peers throughout the semester by doing various presentations. They are expected to use educational sources, talk about a way they connected to their topic outside of school, and some seniors even interviewed others.

Overall, the purpose of this project is to raise awareness about specific issues while also learning more in depth about the critical concerns. This project is also a good portion of the seniors’ second semester Theology 12 grade.

Best of luck to the Class of 2023 as they start to present next week! 

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