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Best Class of the Week: Noronha Edition

This best class of the week goes out to Ms. Noronha. Students had to make up a skit with predetermined groups of four with assigned stories to make a video out of and possibly share amongst all of the freshman class. These kinds of activities are always good for team building and getting to know more of each other. 

During this skit we had to do one of the four types of miracles that Jesus performed. The versions of all the stories are from the Gospel of John, well-known stories that were being performed were the Raising of Lazarus and the Cure of the Man Born Blind.  Groups had to make their videos two minutes or more and use at least two props, but some went above and beyond. One student, Willow Barrett, used a washable marker to make a beard like Jesus. 

Groups were allowed to go into the hallways to have more room to film, but quiet enough to not interrupt neighboring classes where students are at work. It was out of the norm and nice to have a break from the studies of the Bible, Jesus, and regular theology. 

This class was exciting because we got to branch our acting skills and make the video as fun and accurate as possible. Watch out Broadway, because here comes Mercy High! This also makes it fun for others to see the stories in a different light or perspective. Many students had fun and found it hard to keep a straight face. Hushed giggling and laughter broke the quiet that was supposed to be kept in the hallways. 

My group did the iconic story of Jesus walking on water. In this skit, Peter had to ride on a boat made of chairs and be shocked to see Jesus strolling on water. Jesus would then ask Peter to join him on the water, but Peter fell shortly after walking with Jesus because of his little faith. Peter regained his faith and he and Jesus both went on the boat together. This will be remembered for our further high school years to come.

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