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Best Class of the Week

The Best Class of this Week is third period English 9. This class is the best class of the week because we are watching the 1962 version of The Miracle Worker. The class has been reading The Miracle Worker, a play written by William Gibson, for the past three weeks. 

The Miracle Worker, a black and white film, tells the story of a young girl, born with sight and hearing, and her perseverant teacher. The miracle worker is Annie Sullivan, played by the Oscar Award winning actress Anne Bancroft. The young girl, Helen Keller,  is played by the child actress Patty Duke. 

Both the play and the movie show Helen Keller beginning her life as a healthy child. At the age of nine months Helen  loses both her sight and her hearing to a severe case of scarlet fever. She  could not communicate with others and because of this, Helen acted very poorly, doing such things as sticking her hands into other people’s plates, because no one could teach her any different. That is until teacher Annie Sullivan showed up.  Miss Sullivan has her own share of hard times. Annie was  herself vision impaired, later becoming completely blind. Growing up an orphan, she lost her brother, Jimmy at a young age. Both in the play and the movie, ghostly voices of her brother and other voices haunt Miss Sullivan. Right before going to the Keller household Annie Sullivan graduated from the Perkins Institution for the Blind. Though Annie Sullivan had rough times in her past, she  learned from those tough times to make a miracle happen with Helen Keller. 

The play adaptation of Gibson play script, is a great black and white film. I am proud to say that I have truly enjoyed watching live changing events of Helen Keller on screen.

Emily Kwapnioski
Future author, lover of books, food, and nature--secretly a hobbit at heart!
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