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May Crowning

On Wednesday, May 3rd, Mercy’s 2022-2023 May Crowning will take place. During May Crowning, the May Queen presents a crown of flowers and puts them on a statue of The Virgin Mary. Each class chooses two students who they think best live out the characteristics and qualities of our Blessed Mother Mary. Some of these include generosity, kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness, willingness to serve, upholds high moral values, and many more. It is not meant to be a popularity contest but rather should be an acknowledgement of those in your class who you think are most like Mary. Here is the May Court for the 2022-2023 May Crowning:                                         

Mercy’s 2021-2022 May Court

Freshmen: Isra Bronson and Kiana Kaldenberg

Sophomores: Eibhlin Kelly and Emily Walker

Juniors: Kaylee Epp and Molly Pensick

Seniors: Hailee Davis and Abigail Mills

May Queen: Senior Lucia Euteneuer

These are the students who best live out the traits and holy qualities of the Blessed Mother Mary. “I was blessed to be chosen for May Court! It is such an honor. It means so much to me that my fellow classmates view me similar to Mary. I try to be rooted in my faith in everything that I do,” says Kiana Kaldenberg, member of the Freshman May Court.

Why is May Crowning celebrated specifically in May?

A number of traditions connect the month of May to Mary. May Crowning in its present form originated at Rome where Father Latomia of the Roman College of the Society of Jesus, to counteract infidelity and immorality among the students, made a vow at the end of the eighteenth century to devote the month of May to Mary. This is why most schools hold the May Crowning ceremony in May. Another reason why May Crowning usually occurs in May is Mother’s Day. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the mother of all the faithful, so the ceremony is often held on or close to Mother’s Day.

How can I perform a May Crowning at home?

There are many ways you can do May Crowning by yourself or with your loved ones. You can keep it simple by using a small statue or even a printed picture of Mary. Take it outside near a garden or flowers and take a moment to appreciate all of the things our Blessed Mother Mary has gifted us. You can sing a hymn or say a prayer for Mary  if you do not have flowers. But if you do, you can use them to make a crown to put on Mary or simply present them to the statue or picture in gratitude. Even doing these simple things can show great love for Mary and all she has done for us.

What prayer can I say to give gratitude to the Blessed Mary?

Although you can say simple prayers like the Hail Mary, another prayer is one called “A Prayer to the Blessed Mother” This prayer is an excerpt from the Marian Coronation Celebration for Parishes, is extremely beautiful and gives praise to Mary:

An example of May Crowning


We wish to crown you because of our personal helplessness in facing the deep distress of our times. We struggle to find God, and we search His inscrutable ways. We struggle with the distress of faith and the lack of it. Please fold your hands in prayer on our behalf! Tell your divine son as you once did in Cana of Galilee, “Lord, they have no wine!” Ask the Lord again and again to work miracles of peace, unity and prosperity for the poor and suffering.

Mary, you are the joy of those in heaven, the help of those on Earth, the consolation of those still burdened by their sins. Accept our May blossoms; accept each flower as a symbol of praise and thanksgiving! Thank you for your cooperation in the plan that changed the destiny of the world. Teach us, Mary, teach us, that we, too, may make the place where we are a little paradise for God. 

Lys Wood
Class of ‘26
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