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Back To Mercy

When you attend Mercy High School, you join a family and community that you will be a part of for the rest of your life. Girls make forever friends, stay involved in the community, and some even come back to teach the next generation of Mercy girls. Ms. Gonderinger is an example of someone who attended Mercy and then came back to teach. 

Ms. Gonderinger has loved Mercy since she walked in on her first day of freshman year. Some of her favorite memories are from her prom junior and senior year, which took place at Field Club, a senior sleepover, and any amount of time she got to hang out with her friends both inside and outside of the classroom. What made her the most excited about coming back to teach is the opportunity to make an impact like her teachers did. She loved all of her teachers and she is who she is today because of them. She was excited to hopefully be that teacher to other students and have the opportunity to work alongside some of her old teachers. 

Ms. Gonderinger was on the MHS Dance Team in the early 2010’s.

Some of Gonderinger’s favorite memories from teaching come from the dance Mercy throws at the end of Spirit Week. She especially loved the Disney themed Nocturne when she got to dress up like a Disney princess. But what she loves most about the Mercy community is the fact that it is very welcoming. She says she admires how we do a great job of bringing others in and making them feel welcomed and accepted. She says she also loves how the community gets the students all fired up and excited when it comes to helping others. Mission Week really shows her just how determined and thoughtful the Mercy students are and she thinks that is what makes Mercy so special. She loves how the students get excited to make a change and is proud to call herself a Mercy girl. 


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