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A Trip to Minnesota!

Day of Discovery is a beloved Mercy tradition that fortunately has been brought back after being gone for awhile due to Covid. Day of Discovery consists of the entire student body taking various trips both locally and out of state. The purpose being to expose Mercy girls to new hobbies and interests. This year’s line up was amazing! We had trips ranging from Salsa classes to learning about medical careers at Methodist Hospital. We also had a group go to Minneapolis, Minnesota! 

In a city known for its art museums, lakes, and a famous mall, one of the first stops for the Mercy girls was the Walker Art Museum. The Walker Art Museum is one of the best contemporary art museums in the nation and, according to their website, it has more than half a million visitors a year. Mercy girls got to appreciate “modern” art that helped them expand their knowledge and perspective of the world. 

It wasn’t all about learning though. The girls on the trip got to have some fun and enjoy their down time. They had the opportunity to visit the largest mall in the country, which we all know is the Mall of America. It has over 520 stores and an entire theme park built into it. This stop was definitely another highlight of the trip because, really, what is better than a weekend shopping spree with your best friends in the largest mall in the country? Nothing! 


Nature also played a role in this trip despite the cold weather in Minneapolis in March. Mercy girls toured Minnehaha Regional Park. This is a park that contains a stunning 53 ft waterfall along with a view of a river.  Again, it was cold but that wasn’t a reason to put Mercy girls’ spirits down. Karol Barrios Franco is a junior who went on the trip and she stated, “Minnehaha Falls was so pretty even if it was super cold while we were there. However, it was fun to get to see so much snow this month though”. Furthermore, when asked her opinion of the trip she was also nice enough to share, “ Overall I had an amazing experience visiting some of the most famous places of Minneapolis with my friends. My favorite part was learning about specific art pieces and the artists who created them”. 


MHS had a very successful Day of Discovery this year. Next year’s day has big shoes to fill! Girls back home in Omaha enjoyed their various local adventures. Meanwhile, Mercy Girls who went to Minnesota got to explore a new city and all its wonders.

No matter what activity students were involved in, one thing’s for certain:  every Mercy girl left with a new story to share.  In addition, these trips continue to foster in the Mercy community a love for learning and exploring. Hence, all credit and thanks to the teachers who helped plan out each of these sessions! 


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