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5 Things That Will Be Missed

Seniors are always asked what their favorite memory is from the past four years or what they will remember the most. At Mercy we are a very welcoming and loving community for all of the students. This makes the four years spent here even more special and memorable, but it also makes saying goodbye even harder. Today we decided to ask our very own Larisa Cornelius what five things she will miss most about Mercy. Larisa has been at Mercy since freshman year and is very active in Show Choir and Theater. She is always willing to give a helping hand and always greets people with a smile. 

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She started by saying there are countless things she will miss about Mercy. The community overall is great and it is hard to say goodbye to. The first things she will miss the most is her friends. Although the majority of them are staying in state, they are all going to different colleges. Mercy has helped her make these fantastic friends and she is thankful that she had the opportunity to meet such amazing people.

The next thing she will miss is the traditions that take place at Mercy. They are amazing and unique to this school and she will miss celebrating them with the community. She still intends to celebrate them on her own but it won’t be the same.

The third thing she will miss is the environment of Mercy High School. She says it is such a welcoming, accepting, and fun environment to be in. It feels like a second home to her and it will be hard to leave. She is thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this environment.

The fourth thing she will miss is the faculty and staff. “They try their best to set me up for success and help me when I ask questions and/or need help on an assignment ”. She says that she can tell they only want to see the students succeed and they are always willing to help make that happen for everyone.

The fifth thing she will miss is the activities here at Mercy that she has taken part in. The experiences she has had with her cast and crew during productions as well as her Show Choir teams are special and irreplaceable. She has had a lot of time to spend with these people and has built everlasting friendships with them throughout the years. 

The effect Mercy has had on Larisa will always be special to her and saying goodbye will be difficult. She is very thankful for the time she has spent with the Mercy community and we are very proud to call her a Mercy Girl! 

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